Castle Inflatable Bounce House – Pink and Purple


Catch the attention of any girl! This pink and purple castle module is perfect for many different party themes and events, because panels can be placed on the front of the bounce house to customize it. As with all of our modules, the pink and purple castle module is manufactured with high quality materials and child safety in mind.

Item Details
Dimensions: 13L x 13W x 15H
Weight(s): Approx. 230 lbs
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 3 years

Item Includes
1.5 HP Air Blower: 1
Storage Bag: 1
Anchoring Spikes: 4
Tarp: 1
Air Flow Zipper: 1
Patch Kit: 1
Vinyl Cement (Glue): 1
Safety Rules: 1
Business Card Holder: 1
Advertising Banner: 1
Rental Agreement/Waiver: 1

We proudly present our ultimate inflatable units offered with the most ultimate warranty deals. As professional manufacturers of inflatable products, we strive to make the safest units for our customers. We use 18.5 oz vinyl and have professional level equipment for cutting and sewing. This makes our units dependable, durable as well as longer lasting. All of our units are sewn with polyester threads with triple and quadruple stitching in most stressed areas. Because colors mirror young children’s extroverted nature, we make our units using bright and vibrant colors.