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First Bead Maze


Rave reviews! This first bead maze has bright colors and mulit-shaped beads that spin and slide along wire pathways. What really sets this bead maze apart is the strong suction cup base that anchors the toy down. Now, sitting in a high chair is much more fun!

Encourages color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor development through play!

More Ways to Play

1. Identify a color and/or shape of bead and have kids move it along a specific wire.

2. Have kids give you directions on how to move a specific bead along a wire.

3. Ask kids to count the number of beads of a specific shape or color. For example: “How many circle beads are there? How many blue beads?”

4. Encourage beginning counting skills by asking kids to count the individual beads as you move them along the wire.

Great for Ages 12+ Months

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