Inflatable Bungee Run Double Lane


Inflatable Bungee Run Double Lane! It’s hard to resist the urge to try it out and then try it again. Grab everyone’s attention and peak every interest with this interactive inflatable jumper.

Two kids can compete with each other on this fun and colorful bungee run unit. Provide the kids- and adults!- with inflatable bungee run interactive tournament games and let them have long-lasting fun. The object is to get your hand-held bag stuck on the velcro atop the center divider the furthest.

Item Details
Dimensions: 33L x 12W x 9H
Weight(s): Approx. 350 lbs
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 3 years

Item Includes
1.5 HP Air Blower: 1
Storage Bag: 1
Anchoring Spikes: 4
Tarp: 1
Air Flow Zipper: 1
Patch Kit: 1
Vinyl Cement (Glue): 1
Safety Rules: 1

We proudly present our ultimate inflatable units offered with the most ultimate warranty deals. As professional manufacturers of inflatable products, we strive to make the safest units for our customers. We use 18.5 oz vinyl and have professional level equipment for cutting and sewing. This makes our units dependable, durable as well as longer lasting. All of our units are sewn with polyester threads with triple and quadruple stitching in most stressed areas.