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Music Set with Chimes, Train Whistle, Rhythm Sticks, Cymbals, and Circle Drum


This Music Set is part of the Band-in-a-Box Series. Strike up the band and spark a lifelong love of music with this unique wooden set of hand-crafted wooden instruments. Sturdy wood materials stand up to lots of joyful noise-making, and also produce wonderfully satisfying sounds. Strike the energy chimes with a mallet, toot the train whistle, strike or rub together the rhythm sticks, rattle the cymbals on the jingle stick, and use the mallet to play the circle drum. All instruments store in the convenient wooden box. Band-in-a-box is a great introduction to musical instruments, and helps teach children listening skills, auditory discrimination, and fine motor skills.

More Ways to Play

1. Have kids close their eyes while you play one of the instruments. Ask them to identify the instrument.

2. Tap out a rhythmic pattern on a hard surface. Ask kids to repeat the pattern using the rhythm sticks. Repeat the activity using the other instruments.

3. Play or listen to a favorite song, then have kids choose an instrument and play along to the beat.

Great for Ages 3+ Years.

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