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Shelly Seashore Mermaid Hand Puppet with Removable Rod


With her long yellow hair and silky accessories, Shelly Seashore makes a splash wherever she goes! Top-quality materials and durable construction ensure that this hand-and-rod puppet will look great performance after performance. It’s enjoyable for every skill level, too – the rod removes easily for beginners, then reattaches to either hand as hand-eye coordination and dexterity improve.

Great for 3+ Years.

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Discover More Ways to Play:

1. Ask the child to give his/her puppet a stage name and to introduce it.

2. Ask the puppet questions and have the child answer using a unique puppet voice.

3. Create a story line or a scene that the child can act out with his/her puppet.

4. Assist the child in using the removable hand-operated rod.