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Xylophone Learn-to-Play


Learn to Play the Xylophone! More than an instrument, this first xylophone set is a child’s best introduction to music. Mallet in hand, children can explore a simple octave as they become familiar with simple musical concepts through hands-on play. Those ready for the next step need only open the integrated storage drawer to reveal five double-sided song cards, featuring color-coded notations on a real musical staff. Place one in the music holder above the keys, and kids and parents alike will be amazed at how simple it is to play 10 favorite children’s songs.

More Ways to Play

1. Ask the child to play the lowest note and the highest note. Then find other ways to experiment with the sounds: Play hard and soft, fast and slow, holding the handle at its end or closer to the striker.

2. Clap a rhythm and ask the child to copy it on the xylophone. Add to the challenge by modeling different tones, too: For instance, pat your lap for low notes, clap hands for middle notes, and snap for high notes.

3. Play three notes in a row and ask the child to tell you whether the notes are getting higher or lower. Repeat with a different set of notes. For an added challenge, ask the child to look away so the sounds are the only clue.

4. Sing the notes – do re mi fa sol la ti do – as you play up the scale. Talk to the child about the relationship of the two notes. Do they sound the same?

5. Ask the child to play the first two notes at the same time, using both mallets. Explain that the first note is being played with the second; this interval is called a second. Then play the first note with the third note; this is called a third. Continue up the scale all the way to an eighth interval, called an octave.

Great for Ages 3-5 Years.

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